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Dear Friends:

Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes Can Be On a Reality TV Show!!!

We’re very excited to announce that Gator Ron’s will be featured on actor John Ratzenberger’s new TV series, John Ratzenberger’s American Made. The producers of the show are raising the dollars through, a crowd funding site, and if we and the other companies involved can raise the dollars, it will all happen!

You might remember John as Cliff Clavin (the mailman on Cheers), the voice of many Pixar characters, and the host of Made in America, which aired on the Travel Channel from 2004 – 2008.

John loves this country and is proud to showcase American companies like ours. You’ll see the story behind our company including how we build the products we all know and love. The series will also feature other great American companies and inspiring “Made in the USA” stories.

We already know Gator Ron’s is a great product. Now the rest of America will too!

Get Cool Memorabilia, American-Made Products, and More!

Visit, where John is promoting the show, to get great products from Gator Ron’s as well as other proud American companies. You’ll also find limited-edition TV show memorabilia and even the chance to participate in some great all-American events hosted by John himself (including, believe it or not, an invitation to attend John’s daughter’s wedding!). You can also read more about this at

Please view the site and please, tell your friends to do so, as well! As always, we appreciate all you do and are so grateful for your ongoing help and support!

Warm wishes,
Connie & Debbie



Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes is a line of unique sauces originated from recipes created by Ron Griffith. A professional salesman in telecommunications, in his spare time Ron loved to cook and was a fabulous grill master who over decades, created and perfected numerous sauces and mixes for meats, poultry, seafood, and other foods, along with recipes for healthy preparation for all of his sauces and mixes.   The concept for Gator Ron’s was created in 2006 by Ron, when he began to investigate marketing his proprietary recipes, but his desire to bring his dream to fruition was halted when he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), a progressive, neurological disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, in 2007.

Ron was an athletic, vibrant man who loved water and warm weather and was an avid and enthusiastic sports fan.  During his illness, he shared his recipes, along with his dream, to his wife, Connie, and when he passed away in November 2011 at the age of 58, Connie established Gator Ron’s Zesty Sauces & Mixes.  Connie is fulfilling Ron’s desire to provide healthy, all natural, delicious sauces along with recipes for low-fat preparations, to food lovers everywhere. Gator Ron’s products are fat-free, low in calories and carbohydrates and contain no gluten or dairy ingredients. In addition, they are free of GMOs and hydrolyzed vegetable proteins.